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The ARB Application and Approval Process

Homeowners are reminded that all ARB (Architectural Review Board) applications are due by the close of business (4:30pm) on the Monday prior to the ARB meeting. The ARB meetings are held the first Monday of the month unless the Monday is a holiday. Then the meeting is scheduled for the second Monday. Any application submitted after the deadline will be considered a post deadline application, which may or may not be looked at by the ARB at their meeting. If the ARB does not review a post deadline application at their meeting, the application will be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled ARB meeting. Additionally, all incomplete ARB applications will be returned to the homeowner for additional information. Once the application is complete, it will be placed on the agenda at the next scheduled ARB meeting. After an application has been approved, a letter is sent to the owner notifying of the ARB’s decision.

As always, homeowners who have an application on the agenda for review are highly encouraged to attend the ARB Zoom meeting to answer any questions the ARB might have regarding the application. If you have any questions, please contact the Onsite Management office at (703) 690-2321.

We want to thank all Crosspointe residents who understand the importance of applying and receiving approval for a project before starting the work. We appreciate those who follow the rules.

Unfortunately, for those who have neglected to obtain ARB approval before making an alteration to their property, the action can result in a delay on the closing of a home sale. If the item is not within the Architectural Standards, the ARB or Board may require removing or modifying the alteration after it has been installed, costing the owner a great deal of money and frustration.

Most applications that follow the architectural standards are approved.