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Summer 2023 Updates from the Tennis Committee

Tennis Committee Meetings

The committee met on Monday May 22 and discussed items related to the maintenance of the tennis courts and events to enhance the tennis experience of the Crosspointe community. The committee’s next meeting is scheduled for Monday June 26 at 7 pm in the community center.

Tennis Clinic for Parents on how to practice with their kids

Several members of the Crosspointe Tennis Committee conducted a clinic for Crosspointe residents and associate members that demonstrated some of the best ways to practice tennis with their kids. Topics covered in the clinic included: safety considerations, equipment needs, guiding principles, warmup drills, eyehand coordination drills, hand feed drills, and racquet feed drills. After watching a demonstration, parents were able to practice many of the drills with their kids. A fun time was had by all!

Summer Tennis Camps for Crosspointe Kids

The summer tennis camps for children ages 4-15 are scheduled to begin on Monday June 19 and run through the end of July. The camps will be taught by a team of instructors from the Mitchell Frank Tennis Academy and include Coach Ben and Coach Rodrigo from last year’s successful program. The goal of the program is to provide fun, convenient, and affordable group tennis instruction to kids who are relatively new to the sport. The classes will teach students the basic fundamentals through a combination of group drills and fun games.

There will be weekly sessions weekday mornings at the Oak Chase Circle courts beginning on Monday June 19 and running through the end of July. Students will be in classes grouped by their ages; Ages 4-6 will have class from 8:45-9:45, ages 7-10 from 9:45-10:45, and ages 11-15 from 10:45- noon.

For more information and to register your child, please go to https://www.mitchellfranktennis.com/csr-info

Saturday Morning Advanced Drop-In Doubles

Advanced players (most are rated 3.5-4.0) can find some exciting competition Saturday mornings from 9 to noon on Glen Eagles courts 1

and 2. If you have any questions, please contact CrosspointeTennis@gmail.com.

Routine Maintenance and Repairs

During late May, a new net was installed on Glen Eagles court 3 to replace the existing net that had worn out. Minor repairs were made to the net on Glen Eagles court 1. Three light bulbs that had burned out were replaced on Glen Eagles courts 3 and 4.

Tennis Tip of the Month

Remember to hit most of your shots deep, near the baseline when playing singles. By keeping the ball deep, you will force your opponents to hit their shots from behind the baseline thereby making it much more difficult to hit a winner because you will have more time to run down and return their shots. The key to hitting the ball deep is to hit it at least 3 feet above the net. Keep the ball deep and wait patiently for a short return from your opponent. When you receive a short return, try to hit a winner into one of the corners using your stronger side (forehand for most players). If your shot to the corner is not a clean winner, be prepared to charge to hit an easy volley to the open court.