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Summer 2023 Social Committee Updates

The Crosspointe Social Committee is at the heart of our vibrant community, actively working to create intentional opportunities for neighbors to engage with one another regularly. With a diverse range of events and activities, this dedicated group has become the driving force behind fostering a strong sense of community and connection among Crosspointe residents of all ages.

We are grateful for the overwhelming support we’ve received from the community for our events. It’s heartwarming to see neighbors coming together and creating lasting memories. We believe that building a strong community is essential, and our committee is dedicated to making that a reality.

At the forefront of our efforts, the Crosspointe Social Committee ensures that residents are well-informed about our upcoming events. Whether it’s through the Facebook page, email updates, or the monthly Chronicle, the committee ensures that no resident misses out on the exciting happenings within the community. By embracing multiple communication channels, we work to reach a broad audience and keep residents engaged and involved. The committee also invites all residents to join our meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. These meetings allow individuals, particularly young parents, to contribute ideas and actively participate in shaping the community. The meetings are conducted via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all.

One of the upcoming events on the Crosspointe Social Committee’s calendar is the “Thursday at Oak Chase Pool” series, featuring food trucks. These delightful gatherings allow residents to chat with our neighbors while savoring delicious food. To stay up-to-date with the food truck schedule and discover upcoming culinary delights, residents can visit the Crosspointe food truck schedule website.

The committee organizes Tot Lot Meet-Ups for young families, which serve as a fun way to connect and make new friends. On the second Thursday and fourth Saturday of each month at the tot lots within Crosspointe, these meet-ups are open to parents, children, and even au pairs. The relaxed and friendly environment helps foster relationships and support among young families.

Movie Night at the Pool is another highly anticipated event the Crosspointe Social Committee organized. Residents can enjoy a swim while watching a movie or simply sit on the side with friends. There will be three movie nights this year, including two for teens. The upcoming movie nights include “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” on June 17 and “Jumanji (1995)” on July 22. Families can also look forward to a movie night tailored for them on September 23.

The Crosspointe Social Committee has many events planned for the coming months. From a Fishing Event in August to a Blood Drive in September and a Harvest Festival in October, residents can look forward to exciting activities that cater to diverse interests. If you are interested in helping to plan these events, please join us for an upcoming meeting.

I will be stepping down as chairperson of the Social Committee and I want to express my sincere gratitude for participating in this fantastic community. Working together on the Social Committee was an absolute pleasure, and I’m proud to have contributed my time and effort to the cause. The memories I’ve made with my fellow committee members will always be treasured.

As the Crosspointe Social Committee continues to create memorable experiences and strengthen community bonds, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the efforts of its members. We have worked tirelessly to unite neighbors and make Crosspointe a truly exceptional place to live. Thank you to everyone for all of the hard work!