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Selling Your Home?

You will need to obtain a disclosure packet.  The Virginia Property Owner’s Association Act (POAA) requires property owners who live in a community association and are selling their home to obtain an association disclosure packet and to provide it to the buyers.

If you are preparing to sell your home, you can order the resale disclosure document by going online at: www.fsresidential.com. Click the button at the top of the page to request resale documents. The user will be prompted to enter their unit’s zip code and will then be directed to WelcomeLink’s web-ordering site. The cost of the resale documents is $225 for an electronic copy or $250 for a hard copy. There may be addtional fees depending on the shipping method or if a rush order is requested.  Payment by credit card, check, or payment at closing is acceptable.  If you select to pay by check, the check must be sent to Welcomelink and the order process does not start until the check is received.  If a rush is needed, please email resales.dcmetro@fsresidential.com.

The packet ranges in price from $225 to $300, depending on the seller’s selection of electronic, hard copy or both.

When a resale disclosure package is ordered, an exterior property inspection will be conducted by management.  The POA Act requires that all sellers disclose the existence of a homeowner’s association and that the purchaser is provided with a resale disclosure packet so the buyer is aware of any violations before they purchase the home.

These inspections are intended to review the entire property, review the electronic and hardcopy file for Architectural Review Board (ARB) approved applications, and disclose whether an ARB application is needed for an exterior alteration that has not already been previously submitted and approved.

This inspection can result in the need for ARB application submission and approval that may affect the day of closing.  Please take a look at the timing of disclosure packet requests and submit ARB applications as soon as possible to ensure a timely return.