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Mullions/Grilles/Grids (Where to get them)

Home Depot or Lowes can special order mullions only if you know the name of the window manufacturer. Look for the manufacturer’s name stamped on the glass or on the metal part of the window frame. Note: each store deals only with certain companies, so call ahead.

If you know your window manufacturer, you can go tot heir Web site for information. If you do not know the manufacturer, here are some Web sites that might be helpful:

www.amscousa.com (800)-992-4282
AMSCO is located in Damascus, MD. The company specializes in universal plastic window grille kits for adding removable grilles to existing windows and doors.

www.window-grilles.com (800)-266-7295

www.newpanes.com (800)-382-7263

Other Web sites are available. Try using “window grilles” instead of “mullions” to search.

Please note that the Crosspointe Homeowners’ Association does not endorse any of the manufacturers listed above. This information is provided solely as an aid to homeowners.