Emergencies, Utilities, VDOT, and Making Reports

To help you prepare for certain emergencies, we have a list of emergency numbers you should know. Please read through them in advance so that you can know where these contacts are located on this site. Also, be sure you have entered them into your cell phone.

  Police & Fire (Emergency): 911    
  Police (Non-Emergency): 703-691-2131    
  Fairfax County Animal Control: 703-691-2131    
  Dominion Energy: 866-366-4357       
  Washington Gas: 703-750-1000       
  Verizon: 703-876-7000       
  Cox Cable: 703-378-8400       
  Water Authority: 703-698-5800      
  Miss Utility: 811      
Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)         
  Main Phone: 800-367-7623      
  VDOT Snow Plowing: 800-367-7623       
  VDOT Potholes: 800-367-7623       
To Report...        
  Missing Street Signs
(Fairfax County):
  Outages, including street lights (Virginia Power): 888-667-3000       
  Abandoned Cars
(Fairfax County Police):