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Crosspointe is Beautiful in Every Season! Isn’t that one of the reasons you live here?

Crosspointe is a beautiful, safe, and interactive community for all residents. Our reputation as a premier, up-scale neighborhood is dependent upon each homeowner’s commitment to keeping their homes well maintained and consistent with the neighborhood theme.

Annual Inspections are performed each year beginning in March and continuing through the late summer. These “street-view” inspections help improve on the enforcement of the Standards and are key to maintaining property values and keeping Crosspointe a pleasant and attractive neighborhood for all to enjoy. During Annual Inspections, each home in the community is evaluated. If necessary, a Notice of Non-Compliance is sent to the home following the inspection. Most common violations can be addressed prior to Annual Inspections to prevent receiving a Notice of Non-Compliance, including:

• Clean mold, dirt or other discoloration from siding, gutters, decks, stoops, foundations, and other surfaces of the home.

  • Inspect all wood trim, including windows, doors, and roofline, for discoloration or rot. Do you have missing shutters?
  • Please remove trash and recycling containers from public view, except on designated trash day.
  • Prune overgrown landscaping and cut grass regularly. Weed flower beds.
  • Replace missing shutters and paint faded front doors and shutters.
  • Store items on the property in a neat and orderly fashion.
  • Ensure that mailboxes are painted, mailbox posts are plumb/straight and that posts are freshly stained in the standard Crosspointe color, Behr “Dusky Brown” #544.Violations are not limited to just these listed items.

Inspections can also result in the need for ARB application submission. Do you have an exterior improvement that you need to submit an application for? In the excitement of a new project maybe you forgot that the Standards explicitly require that any change to the exterior appearance of one’s property must be approved by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). This includes projects in the front, sides and rear of your property.

To check your curb appeal, do this … go out to the street in front of your home to glance things over.