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Board of Trustees Board Notes | June 2023

President Howard Kaufer opened the June 14 meeting of the Board of Trustees (BOT) promptly at 7 pm, all trustees being present. We finished four hours later after an especially wide-ranging agenda.

As usual, the Board reviewed and approved the minutes from its May 10 meeting, accepted reports from the Social, Tennis, Pool and Open Space committees, and approved the financial statements for the period ending April 30. Treasurer Alan Sullivan noted that Crosspointe’s expenses to

date were below estimates but that major expenses lay ahead. Proving his point, the Board later in the meeting:

  • Approved a contract to make major repairs to Trail 24 (which runs from near the Greentree Manor tennis courts to border the south side of Heron Pond) and Trail 22 (at the end of Periwinkle Place);
  • Received an update on the planned dredging of Heron Pond and replacement of the bridge at the east end of the pond.
  • In response to a homeowner, agreed to investigate the possibility of installing a sun shade to make the tot lot near the Greentree Manor tennis courts more usable during the summer months.The Board also approved two major reports:
  • The 2022 audit of the community’s finances. As in past years, the audit found Crosspointe in a strong financial position and commended the Board for its financial management procedures.
  • The 2022 full reserve study for Fiscal Years 2023-2027. The reserve study actually takes a look at needs for replacement and repair of Crosspointe facilities for a 50-year period to ensure that we will have funds available when needed.

In other action, the Board:

  • Set October 14 as the date for the fall yard sale, and thanked Ray Kulbitskas, who is stepping down as yard sale coordinator, for his many years of service to the community;
  • Approved use of the Oak Chase parking lot for a food truck event on one Sunday a month;
  • Approved the Budget & Finance Committee 2023 guidelines;
  • Raised the authorized number of associate pool memberships to 220 from the current limit of 200. Associate memberships provide a major source of funding for upkeep of Crosspointe’s two pools without overburdening them;
  • Authorized the Board president to request that Fairfax County post signs that warn of an additional $200 fine for speeding on Crosspointe Drive and on Silverbrook Road from Silverline Drive to Old Barrington Boulevard;
  • Voted to allow portable basketball goals to remain out when not in use. All other standards concerning basketball goals and other recreation equipment will remain in force, as set out in the architectural guidelines. The ARB will write a new standard and submit it to the BOT for approval.

The Board also heard from a new Crosspointe resident regarding a tree that fell from common space onto her deck. The Board and homeowner agreed on a plan to address the issue.

The Board went into executive session to discuss a number of financial and legal matters, including enforcement actions against encroachments on Crosspointe property. On coming out of executive session, the Board called it a night and adjourned. The next BOT meeting will be July 12.

– Bruce Burton, Trustee