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Board of Trustees Board Notes | February 2024

The February 2024 meeting of the Board of Trustees (Board or BOT) convened at 7:00 PM with all nine trustees in attendance.

The meeting began with our usual housekeeping matters, editing and approving the minutes from our January meeting.

We reviewed minutes from the December and January Open Space and Social Committee meetings, the January Tennis Committee meeting, and the January Election Committee meeting.  These committees continue to do outstanding work for Crosspointe.  The Board unanimously approved John Noulis and Scott Wheeler to three-year terms as members of the Architectural Review Board.  We appreciate their willingness to serve Crosspointe.

Our Treasurer provided the monthly report as of December 2023, and based on his report approved the financial statements.  For the year Crosspointe ended with a $42,000 surplus, and operating reserves of 17%, well within the auditor’s recommended guidelines of 10-20%.

A substantial portion of the meeting was devoted to a homeowner proposal to allow pickleball to be played on two of Crosspointe’s eight tennis courts.  The subject has widespread interest in the community, no doubt contributing to one of our most widely attended meetings in several years, with 27 attendees in addition to the Board.  There are those who support and those who oppose pickleball play on the tennis courts.  The Board appointed a four-member committee to study potential options for accommodating pickleball, consisting of two Board members, the Tennis Committee chairman, and a pickleball supporter.  We look forward to their report.

The Board voted to take several actions during the meeting.  Based on a detailed recommendation from the Tennis Committee, we approved a contract with JES to remedy water drainage issues at the Oak Chase tennis courts.  As we have done for the last few years, we approved an agreement with Fairfax County to manage the number of Canada Geese in Crosspointe.  Based on management’s recommendation, the spring community yard sale will take place on May 18.

For the March 20 annual meeting, we approved the notice and ballot, which will be mailed to all homeowners.  Please submit your ballot so that we can meet our quorum requirement and have our annual trustee election.  We also approved the draft minutes of last year’s annual meeting, which requires homeowner approval and will be included on the ballot.  We are inviting the police and our local elected officials to this year’s meeting.

The Board continued to work on two major projects for Heron Pond.  First, we approved a contract with Soil & Structure Consulting, Inc. for surveying, soil investigation, engineering, and design plans for the Heron Pond pedestrian bridge.  Second, we reviewed the results of a bathymetric study of the pond to determine the need to dredge the pond.  We plan to invite the study author to an upcoming board meeting to discuss the results.

Management provided its monthly update on the status of management projects during the last month.

Executive Session

The Board entered into executive session to discuss matters related to individual homeowners, including collections, encroachments, and architectural violations.  Following this discussion, the Board returned to open session.

We adjourned at 10:00 PM.

Howard Kaufer